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President Donald Ramotar


I would like to thank all the supporters and activists that worked very hard to make this possible. We will continue to work together to realize the dreams of you, your families and the Guyanese people. Guyana will continue up the mountain of progress, and prosperity will be the opportunity available to all. As we move forward I would like to reiterate a position I have made before. The PPP/C and I will strive to work hard with the opposition in the time ahead and together we will make Guyana, El Dorado. Once again I would like to thank our supporters but especially those who worked tirelessly night and day for months to bring this victory to fruition

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The Campaigning is officially over. The PPP/C has demonstrated our capacity to lead Guyana along the road to progress. Our Record Stands Testimony to this fact. When We inherited a bankrupt economy it was no easy task given the constraints we faced, but buoyed by the confidence reposed in us by you the people, our party and the Government has demonstrated it's remarkable capacity to usher in critical and wide ranging Development for all Guyanese. Continuing this progress is now with you. Vote Early, Vote Carefully. Vote PPP/C and let us from strength to strength continue to build our Beloved Guyana.

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Ramsaroop calls APNU Manifesto “Mumble Jumble” Encourages Opposition voters to reject.


Chairman of Vision Guyana, Peter Ramsaroop (who has recently endorsed the PPP/C Candidate),  was speaking at an opposition forum said he was shocked and disappointed with the APNU Manifesto in both the release date, which did not give the  public much time to review, and more so the content or lack thereof. 

Ramsaroop said one can tell it was issued in a hurry and put together by academics without any practical knowledge of where Guyana is and what the future of our nation will be within the next five years.  It also demonstrates the lack of leadership at the top in understanding the needs of our nation.

He said “There is a lack of specific programs across all sectors and regions that would display they have a clear direction for this country but rather focuses more on items they wish to study if they get into Government which displays they are behind in their planning process.”

Speaking on the PPP/C Manifesto, Ramsaroop said that the comprehensive plan was outlined across all regions and industries and will propel Guyana to the level of an emerging economy that foreign and local investors will find attractive, as our global ratings for investment in Guyana rise.

The PPP/C Manifesto calls for a detailed transport led and energy driven economy with expansion of crucial industries such as manufacturing and energy.   Specifically focusing items such as: the movement of raw materials such as bauxite to a finished product such as aluminum, the movement of goods from Northern Braziland Eastern Venezuela through Guyana to the wider world through the development of a deep water harbour, and further the development of our agricultural sector that will radically improve the wealth of our citizens and opportunities for future generations to come. In addition the technology infusion of the fiber optic cable will enhance commerce and productivity across Guyana.

The APNU plan on the economy states “Economic infrastructure will be improved as part of an integrated plan based on our settlement patterns, industrial plans, residential needs and financial capacity. Road, rail and other transport communication will be addressed by such a plan. Social infrastructure, such as housing, to improve overall deteriorating living conditions will be pillars of the economic policy.”   

Ramsaroop said the document should be trashed as it says nothing but academic mumble jumble.  Specific improvement projects were not identified especially key items such as the harbour and road to Brazil that encourages sustainable GDP growth in Guyana.

The APNU Plan states “A comprehensive environment and energy strategy based on the careful consideration of Guyana’s needs rather than the availability of external funds”   

Ramsaroop again blasted this as saying nothing.   An alternative energy plan must include integration of wind, solar, hydro and fossil fuels sources that must be specifically targeted at areas in our country that requires the cheaper energy to create the opportunities of growth for our people.

What is impressive about the PPP/C plan is job growth through industry development and a comprehensive plan to link the industries through infrastructure development and attraction of foreign investment.  

Mr. Ramator has listened too many across the political divide and put the best plan necessary to ensure that ALL Guyanese benefits.

I call on all Guyanese especially opposition voters to reject APNU lack of plan and vote for a Plan that will take Guyana to the next level.

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More development for Linden imminent-Presidential Advisor Ramotar- tells Lindeners during walkabout


The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) presidential and prime ministerial candidates, Donald Ramotar and Samuel Hinds respectively, in continuing their campaign trail, with a few days left for General and Regional Elections, met with supporters in Linden today.
            The candidates, with a large following, marched the streets of the mining town from the Avenue to Main Street, after which they spoke with supporters at Barrow’s Restaurant.

At the meeting,  residents along with representatives from the varying religious organisations, expressed their gratitude to the PPPC party for the many developmental changes that have taken place over the years in the mining town, among which are  the recent opening of a commercial bank along with a thriving bauxite company and an International Calling Centre, all when combined,  offers thousands of Lindeners an opportunity to earn a living thereby contributing to the economic and social wellbeing of their families and society.
            The PPP/C came in for high praises for its contributions to the continued advancement of the mining town and its environs from 1992 to present.
            Speaking to the supporters, both Ramotar and Hinds pledged their continued support to the further development of Linden as it has now become the major transshipment hub for goods and services, commuters and business people en route to Northern Brazil via the Linden- Lethem road.
            Ramotar said that if he wins the presidency, during his tenure, closer ties with religious organisations will be established, as they play an integral role in the creation of strong moral support in any society. “This is needed now in Guyana more than ever,” Ramotar said.

Alluding to the fact that there is widespread racial harmony in the country now under the PPPC government, Ramotar said that “this harmony must be maintained at all costs,” while urging the party’s Linden supporters to ignore those that say this does not exist.
“The most important achievement the PPPC government has caused the country to realise, which no one can put a price tag to, is the freedom that was re-established in Guyana, so that everyone should have a right to speak their minds, without looking over their shoulders out of fear that someone may ostracize them,” Ramotar said.


It is because of this continued freedom that unity will abound for the continued development of Guyana, which ultimately will see Linden benefitting.
“With the establishing of an all-weather road, trade and other business activities in the community will increase, thereby causing the community to be rapidly transformed,” Ramotar said.
            As the candidates continued their sojourn in Linden, interacting with residents, they met with more supporters who were gathered at the Watooka Guest House.
            Hinds said that over the years, Guyana has been tremendously transformed, as the country was in deep debt, a situation which no longer exists. He added that its Gross Domestic Product has significantly increased as, “today, even as I speak to you, Guyanese have three times as much money as they had in 1992, a sure sign of transformational development.”

This Hinds said is largely the result of Guyanese coming together and executing a number of developmental plans and policies of the PPPC government, which has resulted in a complete turnaround for bettering the lives of all Guyanese.
            He also alluded to the fact that the freedom that was once fought for “by our Guyanese forefathers” has been accomplished under this regime and now citizens are enjoying their rights of having a wide range of services such as access to quality education and health care available to them, both on the coast and in the hinterland.

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Development is about people being given opportunities


With General and Regional Elections less than a week away, the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) continues to blaze the campaign trail, this time taking its meeting to Region 9. Mr. Ramotar said that under the PPP/C government, tremendous opportunities for Amerindians were made available, more so these have caused Amerindians to realise development in sectors such as agriculture, education, and health from which they are now enjoying a better standard and quality of life. Further he said, inspite of opportunities already available, more is eyed by the party, so as to ensure there is maximization of potentials on each front in every sector.

“The construction of an all weather road from Lethem to Linden will see the cost of living being further reduced significantly,” Ramotar said.
            He continued, “in my opinion, the best peanut butter you can purchase in Guyana today, comes from the Rupununi… the discovery of cassava biscuit rather than the cassava bread is evidence that lives are further transformed…The budget has grown yearly, testimony of the level of cooperation existing in the country, thereby creating a development thrust for the country both locally and internationally,” Ramotar said.
            Ramotar recounted the development that the country has seen which saw Amerindian communities benefitting tremendously from major investments over the years, which all, when packaged together, spells a development story of modernization for residents of not only Region 9, but all Amerindian communities.
            “ Development is not only about government creating conditions, but it is about people, who are given opportunities by government to further themselves, communities and country on a unified effort,” Ramotar said.


Teixeira said it is important that nothing be taken for granted, “Therefore we need to go out to our polling places early, exercise our franchise and vote.”
            She also alluded to the fact that the level of living standards specifically for the Amerindian peoples from 1992 to present has improved, evidently, as Amerindians now account for 10% of the country’s population and they enjoy laws, can access services that those on the coast are accessing, which did not occur prior to 1992.
            “In spite of what we have already done, we have a lot more work to do, therefore we have to be careful, not to be complacent, thereby the need to vote on November 28…so to ensure that what the PPP/C government accomplished over the years is not dismantled,” Teixeira said.
             Minister Nadir said that he continues to support the PPPC party because it is the only party who truly cares for the development of the country and its citizens, and as such has invested significantly to transform its sectors.

“They were 100,000 students in school in 1992; today we have 210,000 students who are now in schools, being recipients of quality education. Those would have performed well at the Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) level and were desirous of taking advantage of the opportunities to further their studies overseas in varying fields, were given such opportunities, testimony of government’s commitment to its citizens,” Nadir said.
            Minister Rodrigues-Birkett said the presence of residents at the meeting is indicative of their interest and support of the PPPC.
            “When our party took office in 1992, the country was dilapidated with Amerindians suffering the worst, with little to no access to services such as education and health care…Today, however, each Amerindian community can boast of having schools with dormitories and health centres amongst other things, which allow them to become anything they want to be as a wide array of opportunities now exist for them…This is what the PPPC is about, making opportunities available for all especially the Amerindians,” Rodrigues-Birkett said.

Initiatives such as the One Laptop per Family, the Hinterland Electrification Programme, the School Feeding programme, the School Uniform Assistance Programme amongst countless others, are schemes government has invested significant sums into, for Amerindians’ benefit.

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PPP/C wins Presidency!


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‘C’ Field, Sophia nursery school commissioned

Government has been building institutions in vastly developing communities to ensure residents have access to the various services inclusive of health, education, electricity and water.  Sophia, a large housing scheme has a new nursery school, at ‘C’ Field built to accommodate the growing number of children requiring pre-primary (nursery) education.

The school was constructed at a cost of $16M, and prior to its construction the Education Ministry conducted a feasibility study hence the decision was taken to build the new school thereby making it more convenient and cost-effective for parents to send their children to school within the community. 
There is another nursery school located in ‘A’ Field Sophia, and a primary school; however the community now needs a secondary, Education Minister Shaik Baksh said.
While addressing the gathering, Minister Baksh noted that the need will arise soon for the school to be expanded since, within a year, its enrollment has increased from 75 to 172.  He added that there is available land next to the school to facilitate such in the future.
In this regard, Minister Baksh pointed out that Early Childhood Care (ECC) (early childhood education) is being promoted worldwide with Guyana in the lead, with 85 percent enrollment at the pre-primary level. This is in keeping with the Education Strategic Plan (2008-2013), which outlines that all children who are 3 years 9 months must attend nursery school. This will be made compulsory through the necessary legislation.

The Minister explained that due to the anticipated increased enrollment, the school will be able to progress from a Grade C to a Grade B, and even further.
Minister Baksh recognised that the community will also need a secondary school, and committed to making representation to the Ministry of Housing to secure a piece of land for its realization. 
When the first building opened, parents were reluctant to send their children to the school however, the head teacher and teachers worked towards creating confidence and this led to increased enrollment.
            Minister Baksh emphasised that the large turn out of parents indicates their interest in their children’s education. He urged them to continue along that path since in some instances when the child progresses to the primary level parental interest is lost. Parental support is crucial to the education system since the teachers and school cannot function alone, and will result in the fast advancement of education in Guyana.

Minister Baksh also applauded the Parent Teachers’ Association (PTA) for their vibrancy in giving support to the school. 
            The Minister recognised the development of Sophia from 1998, when he was Housing and Water Minister, to present. 
            PTA President, Brian Greaves commended the HM and Staff for their dedication and commitment towards ensuring the delivery of education in the community.

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